Blackford: Nicola Sturgeon has not broken ministerial code

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Stock PhotoSNP leader Ian Blackford has claimed that Nicola Sturgeon did not breach the ministerial code in response to the complaint lodged by Jim Sillars.

Sillars lodged his complaint to the permanent secretary on February 25, claiming that the First Minister has broken the rules after launching a “sustained attack” on Alex Salmond, who is under investigation for harassment accusations against him.

Alex Salmond said there was “no doubt” that Nicola Sturgeon broke ministerial practice, but backed away with calls for her to step down.

“It is a breach of the ministerial code to allow, and then use, a public health Covid briefing to launch an attack on Mr Salmond in the context of matters arising from the parliamentary inquiry,” Sillars argued.

Blackford took her side and said, “She’s made it clear on a number of occasions that she does not believe she has broken the ministerial code.”

“There is no evidence that has been brought forward that the First Minister has broken the ministerial code or indeed has engaged in any kind of conspiracy,” he continued.

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