Commissioner wants anonymity BANNED on social media


Vera BairdAnonymity on social media should be banned, says the Victims Commissioner for England and Wales, Dame Vera Baird QC.

Baird said tech giants like Twitter and Facebook should not allow people to log in without properly revealing identifiable information.

“I think that getting rid of anonymity is fundamental to being able to enforce the law quite obviously,

“People sit at home with a funny name and say the most horrible thing, having quite a lot of pleasure because they can’t be found – that must be the point of it, mustn’t it, to do it without any comeback,” said Baird.

But, she added, people should be allowed to use an alias, as long as they also disclose identifiable details to the social media giant so the police can identify online perpetrators if necessary.

Baird also called for new laws and a “change of culture” to improve assistance to victims of crime amid concerns that confidence injustice was going down.

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