We are Tickir, and we publish across many websites, and mobile applications, that thousands of readers enjoy every day of every month. You can find the list of websites and brands we publish here.
In this notice, we will refer to the mobile applications published by Tickir as apps and use the term sites to refer to our websites.

Our users and readers are central to our business and always will be. We believe in everyone’s right to have free access to quality and trusted content. We deliver on this promise via our apps and websites, and through our audio and video players. We allow advertisers access to our readership so that we can continue to provide our services to you free of charge.
We select the adverts most relevant to each reader by analysing the information generated from their time browsing our sites. We use this information to improve our apps and websites, and to give you the best reader experience possible. By allowing us this access, you are playing your part to help us deliver our commitment of keeping news free for all.
We also understand its essential that you feel in control of the information you generate when you use our sites and apps.
Like most websites and mobile applications, we use automatic data collection technology when you visit one of our sites or use one of our apps. This technology often referred to as “cookies”, is covered by this notice. The notice explains how we use various forms of cookies and other similar applications and outlines how you can manage the behaviour of them.
There is a detailed description of how we use the data we collect in our Privacy Notice.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while you are browsing. These little pieces of data allow a site or third party to identify your computer or mobile device. As more than one person often uses a computer or mobile devices, the cookies do not directly identify individuals.

At Tickir, we use three major types of cookies:
Analytics Cookies – hold information as you view different pages of the website and help us to build up a profile of how our readers use the site. They help us to make the website work as efficiently as possible and provide better content and services in the future. We may also use analytics cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertising on the sites and the apps and elsewhere on the internet.
Example: Analysis may tell us that users prefer to read gossip stories over lunch. We may choose to publish more gossip stories at midday than in the morning.

Personalisation and Service Cookies remember your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They remember your registration and login details and your settings and preferences. They can be used to allow you to automatically log in to comment on articles and to ensure interactive services work effectively. They are also used to recommend content we think you’ll be interested in, based on what you’ve looked at before.
Example: We sometimes run surveys on our sites, so we use cookies to ensure you can only give us your views once, and prevent anyone from influencing the result unfairly.

Advertising Cookies
 are placed on your browser by our advertising partners and us to deliver more relevant advertising. To allow us to keep our sites free to view while being able to produce engaging stories, we need to work with advertisers. These cookies are a vital part of that value exchange.
The cookies may gather information about your browsing activity on our sites and those of others. Such information is collected over the course of a few visits. The cookies also allow us and third parties to show ads more relevant to you, and enable advertisers to manage how many times a device sees a particular advert. They could also allow the advertiser to tailor advertising to you when you visit our sites. Advertising cookies are usually stored until you delete them, or they expire. Expiry is based on the period of time set in each cookie, which is normally around 30 days.

Example: If a browser or device is recognised to enjoy lots of content about sport, we and/or our partners may show that browser or device adverts that relate to relevant sport related products.
Third-party advertisers are required to follow the applicable laws. However, Tickir does not directly control third party organisations that place cookies, each of whom will have individual cookie and privacy policies.
We aim to be transparent on who we work with, and allow you to review a list of our partners. We use a cookie management tool called Quantcast, which gives you the ability to control advertising cookies. You can access the device here.

If you decide to opt out of Advertising cookies, you are not opting out of seeing advertising; you will still see adverts. They just may not be as relevant to you and your interests.
See ‘Managing your cookie preferences’ below for more information about “opting out”.

Other technologies

In addition to cookies, we may use other similar technologies on our sites and apps. These include:
Web beacons – These are tiny graphics with a unique identifier and are used to understand browsing activity. Web beacons are not visible when you open a web page.
Social widgets These buttons or icons are provided by third-party social media companies to allow you to interact with them when you view a web page or a mobile app. These social widgets may collect browsing data, which may be received by the third party that provided the widget and are controlled by the third parties.
UTM codes – These are strings that can appear in a web address when a user moves from one web page or website to another. The string can represent information about browsing, such as which advertisement or publisher sent the user to the receiving site.

Managing your cookie preferences

Most web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari) will allow you to turn off cookies. You should look at your web browsers settings or help menu to find out how to do this. If you decide to do this, we’d like to remind you that switching off cookies may affect the way the site operates.  It could also adversely affect the quality of your experience on the website, including forgetting any potential tailored content options you have previously selected.
You can restrict the use of Advertising cookies on our sites using our cookie management tool Quantcast.
Alternatively, you can decline to receive interest-based advertising at
You can find a description of some of the First Party, Advertising and Third Party Cookies used by Tickir in our Cookies Technologies List delivered by Quantcast.
You can click on the AdChoices logo that you will see in the corner of advertisements that carry behavioural targeting cookies (see Advertising Cookies above) and click on the link to control the settings Google uses to show you adverts
When using a mobile device, you can opt-out of receiving interest-based advertising by selecting ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ in the Settings of your Apple iPhone or iPad, or the “Opt out of Ads Personalisation” in the Google Settings on your Android device.
You may also be able to reset the unique identifier that Google uses for online behaviour based advertising (referred to as an “Advertising ID”) in the Settings on your Apple or Android device.

Ad Blocker Detection

Tickir or our advertisers may use code in the website to detect if you are using an ad-blocker.
If we detect that you are using an ad blocker, we may display a message describing how this could impact your experience, and ask that you consider disabling it.
Advertisements are an essential source of revenue and contribute significantly to our mission to keep trusted quality content free for all. We hope you will continue to support us in this regard.

Social Media Technologies

When you use social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter) with our sites and apps, each platform has its own technologies and policies. For information on limiting the use of widgets and sharing functions with social networks, see below:
For Facebook widgets, you can find more information here.
For Twitter widgets, you can find more information here.

Contact us at Tickir

If you have questions or comments about the use of cookie technologies at Tickir, please see the “Contact” section of the Tickir Ltd Privacy Notice or email us at
This cookies and related technologies notice was published on 25th May 2020.