Hancock: Single Pfizer or Oxford vaccine dose cuts hospitalisations by 80 percent

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock hailed the real-word data which suggested a single shot of the Pfizer or Oxford vaccine has cut hospital rates by up to 80 percent among people over 70.

On Monday, Public Health England (PHE) released preliminary findings that Oxford and Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine are more than 80 percent effective at preventing hospital admission in three to four weeks after the first dose.

Speaking at a news conference in Downing Street, Hancock said: “There are signs that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is slightly more effective than the Pfizer vaccine but the Pfizer vaccine on these data is also extremely effective.”

“So I absolutely hope that right around the world, people study these data and understand what they mean, which is that getting the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab or getting the Pfizer jab is the right thing to do. And it could save your life,” he added.


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