#JoseOut trends on Twitter as Tottenham’s top-four hopes FADE


Tottenham‘s 2-1 loss to West Ham on Sunday has destroyed the Spurs’ hope to reach a top-four position.

Fans expressed their disappointment by tweeting #JoseOut. The hashtag found itself trending on Twitter during the game.

Jose Mourinho, however, chose to blame the lack of adequate defence in a post-game interview, saying: “Their defensive line and their centre-backs were brilliant and they gave us a difficult match.”

“But we started the game with a defensive mistake and started the second half with another one. When you are punished by these mistakes it is difficult,” he added.

He also believes reaching top-four is still possible, albeit difficult.

Forward Lucas Moura insisted that something has to change at his side as he called on his teammates to do better and “learn from our mistakes”.

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