Mark Drakeford: ‘Remote’ Boris Johnson is endangering UK’s future

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Mark Drakeford

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford said the UK was “over” as it is time for a new union to reflect a “voluntary association of four nations”.

The criticism came after Drakeford appeared at a virtual meeting on Thursday and revealed that his relationships with Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “remote”.

Drakeford said: “I would have to describe my relationship with the prime minister as remote. Both in the sense that I’ve met him only once myself – I’ve been at a number of meetings where there’s been large numbers of other people present – and he is yet to call a meeting of the joint ministerial committee of first ministers and himself.”

“In that sense, I would say I’ve had a very modest level of contact with the prime minister. And the remoteness isn’t just in that way; I’m afraid we rarely have a meeting of minds,” he added.

Drakeford believed the way the UK government deals with the devolved nations provides no good foundation to maintain “the future of the UK,” since the lack of regular meetings between the nations made it more difficult.

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