MI5 knew Westminster terrorist Usman Khan was PLOTTING attack after jail release


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MI5 was aware that terrorist Usman Khan was plotting an attack after his release from jail, his victims’ families told a hearing on Friday.

Khan, 28, killed Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt with kitchen knives during a prisoner rehabilitation event at Fishmongers’ Hall on November 29, 2019. He was shot dead on London Bridge by armed police.

Lawyer Nick Armstrong, representing the Merritt family, said: “MI5 had intelligence shortly before Khan’s release that he was planning a post-release attack, and upgraded his priority rating”.

According to Armstrong, Khan had been radicalising other inmates and promoting violence inside jail but MI5 still allowed him to attend the rehabilitation event at Fishmongers’ Hall where he began his attack.

Philip Rule, the lawyer of Ms Jones’ family, wanted officers involved in the decision-making to give evidence at the inquest but lawyers for the home secretary contested the application.

Judge Mark Lucraft QC told Friday’s hearing that a full inquest is due to start on April 12 to examine how the tragedy happened.

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