NHS waiting list of year-long surgery halts marks the highest record this year

Figures in September revealed people in the UK who have to wait longer than 52 weeks for treatments such as knee or cataract surgery had amounted to 139,545 people.

The new number from NHS is more than 100 times the figure from 12 months ago and the highest figure since 2008 — which makes Covid-19 to blame for putting off non-urgent treatments.

During the same month, 1.72 million people have waited over 18 weeks for treatment to begin, a 107-fold increase from September last year, which were only 1,305 patients,.

Urgent referrals for breast cancer were suspected to be present fell from 13,475 in September 2019 to 10,963 in September this year, a 19 percent decline.

Those affected by the hold-ups were supposed to have surgery before the pandemic, but their procedures were postponed as hospitals prioritised care for Covid-19 cases.

An NHS spokesman spoke about the numbers, giving the public an assurance:

“Despite rapidly rising Covid hospitalisations, cancer services are now back at pre-pandemic levels, GP appointments are running ahead of this time last year, and hospitals have made particular progress in bringing back overnight elective operations.

“But it is clear that where there are higher levels of Covid we are seeing an impact on routine non-urgent care, so the public can play their part by continuing to help stop the spread of the virus.”

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