Mourinho accuses Tottenham players of ‘HIDING’ in north London derby


Jose Mourinho

Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho has accused his players of “hiding” in north London derby 2-1 loss to Arsenal on Sunday.

Mourinho said in a post-interview: “The only two things that were positive in the first half were an amazing goal and the result – 1-1 was not a fair reflection of that first half where they dominated us. We were very poor.

“Some important players hiding. I’m not even going in direction of individuals. I’m as guilty for that first-half as the players. People hiding themselves, no intensity, no passing and moving. We were poor. As simple as that.”

Spurs took the lead after Erik Lamela scored a goal in the opening half but soon defeated as opponent Martin Odegaard struck half-time and Alexandre Lacazette secured a penalty goal.

Mourinho questioned the decision, saying: “It was a mistake by Michael Oliver. Players get tired of so many matches. Coaches get tired. Maybe, referees, they get tired. He had a game midweek? Maybe Champions League or Europa League? Maybe he is tired.”

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