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News in Network – The stories that mattered to us today.

We thought we’d outline the 5 stories from today that resonated with us, and tell you why.

1. Sunak HINTS at continued support, does not rule out tax hikes
News in Network – Rishi Sunak has implied that he will extend emergency assistance packages and did not rule out raising taxes in Wednesday’s Budget.

The chancellor said that he supports low taxes, but that he demands an “honest and fair” strategy to fix the nation’s finances.

2. UK to offer Covid jab based on age
News in Network – Britain’s next phase of Covid vaccination will be administered based on age instead of occupation.

However, the decision was criticised by police, who described it as a “contemptible betrayal of police officers”.

3. Support for Scottish independence FALLS to 50 percent
News in Network – Support for an independent Scotland has fallen to 50 percent for the first time since June last year, according to a new poll.

The survey is a source of hope for union supporters to continue what they have been fighting for since the 2014 referendum.

4. Construction of inspection facilities HALTED in Northern Ireland
News in Network – The construction of permanent inspection facilities at ports was halted by Northern Ireland’s agriculture minister Gordon Lyons.

Mr Lyons has also suspended the recruitment process of inspection staff and shelved charges levied on traders bringing goods from Great Britain into Northern Ireland.

5. Biggest foreign-worker exodus since WWII raises concern in UK
News in Network – According to a new study, London alone has lost 700,000 foreign workers last year, making it the biggest exodus since World War II.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the Office of Budget Responsibility will confront this finding this year and perhaps in the budget on March 3.

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