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We thought we’d outline the 5 stories from today that resonated with us, and tell you why.

1. Boris Johnson BLASTS SNP over independence referendum ‘obsession’
News in Network – Boris Johnson has criticised the Scottish National Party for obsessing over independence rather than its coronavirus recovery roadmap.

His blunt statement came as a new poll found that only a quarter of Scots would support holding a second independence referendum in the next year.

2. London police facing backlash after CHAOS in Sarah Everard vigil
News in Network – London’s Metropolitan Police came under intense pressure after using heavy-handed tactics to break up an outdoor vigil for Sarah Everard, who was killed by a police officer.

Police Commissioner Cressida Dick defended her colleagues as at the time, they have to make a difficult decision.

3. Charlie Hebdo SLAMMED for cover parodying Meghan Markle and George Floyd
News in Network – French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has come under fire after releasing its latest controversial cover.

The cover shows a cartoon of Queen Elizabeth II kneeling on Meghan Markle’s neck, invoking the death of George Floyd.

4. Ireland SUSPENDS AstraZeneca vaccine rollout
News in Network – Irish health minister called the move to suspend the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine a “precautionary step” following reports of blood clots in several vaccinated adults in Norway.

Several other European countries including Denmark, Norway and Iceland have also temporarily stopped using the Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs.

5. Meghan Markle wants to see evidence in bullying probe against her
News in Network – Meghan Markle has called on Buckingham Palace to disclose emails, documents or texts linked to a bullying complaint made against her, a senior palace source has told Daily Mail.

The source said the Queen has reportedly passed the request to the Prince of Wales, whose “closest aides are now conducting a search of files”.

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