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We thought we’d outline the 5 stories from today that resonated with us, and tell you why.

1. Incessant rain causes FLOODING and travel disruption in parts of Britain
News in Network – Torrential downpours across swathes of Britain have inundated roads and railways, forcing people to evacuate.

Several weather warnings were put in place for parts of Scotland, northwest England and Wales on Saturday evening.

2. British motorists EXEMPTED from compulsory insurance as ministers scrap new EU law
News in Network – British motorists will not need to pay a £50 rise on their annual car bills after the government said it plans to drop an item in the EU’s new insurance law.

Dropping the law would stop the insurance sector being liable for almost £2 billion in extra costs.

3. Boris Johnson’s union adviser RESIGNS after two weeks
News in Network – Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s main adviser tasked with battling Scottish independence has resigned.

Oliver Lewis argued his position was made “untenable” thanks to his colleagues at No. 10.

4. Tory group calls for PROBE into Carrie Symonds’ influence in Downing Street
News in Network – The Bow Group called for a probe into the influence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds in government.

The Bow Group called for a review into her “possible influence” in the government’s recruitment and appointments.

5. Foreign students in UK RELY on charity amid pandemic
News in Network – Foreign students have found themselves impoverished by the pandemic amid their pursuit of higher education in the UK.

Students from underprivileged backgrounds have been struggling to find low-pay jobs due to lockdown regulations.

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