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We thought we’d outline the 5 stories from today that resonated with us, and tell you why.

1. Anas Sarwar becomes NEW Scottish Labour leader

News in Network – Anas Sarwar has been elected as Scotland Labour’s new leader on Saturday, just 10 weeks ahead of the Holyrood Scottish Parliament election on May 6.

The election was triggered after the previous leader Richard Leonard suddenly resigned in January amid criticism surrounding his leadership style which could damage Labour.

2. Blackford: Nicola Sturgeon has not broken ministerial code

News in Network – SNP leader Ian Blackford has claimed that Nicola Sturgeon did not breach the ministerial code in response to the complaint lodged by Jim Sillars.

Sillars lodged his complaint to the permanent secretary on February 25, claiming that the First Minister has broken the rules after launching a “sustained attack” on Alex Salmond, who is under investigation for harassment accusations against him.

3. Primary school kids DON’T need to wear masks in classroom

News in Network – Medical experts have scolded primary schools that have told children as young as five that they must wear masks in the classroom.

Schools in England are due to reopen on March 8 and only secondary school pupils will be advised to wear masks if social distancing cannot be enforced.

4. Sunak: £5 billion grants for businesses hit hardest by Covid

News in Network – Pubs, restaurants, shops and other businesses affected by the pandemic will be kickstarted with a £5 billion funding plan to help them reopen when the restrictions relaxed.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will announce the details in his Budget on Wednesday.

5. Oliver Dowden WARNS Facebook after news ban in Australia

News in Network – Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has warned Facebook that he would “not hesitate” to clamp down on the tech giant in the wake of its Australia-wide newsfeed ban last week.

He said Facebook’s recent policy of banning Australian users from accessing news on its platform was “a concerning move”.

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