Northern Ireland REVEALS roadmap out of lockdown

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Arlene Foster

Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Arlene Foster, has revealed a roadmap for the country’s restrictions relaxation plan without any clear dates.

On Tuesday, the roadmap suggested the reopening stages for nine sectors will be based on scientific and medical evidence rather than timetables.

Dates for schools reopening, however, has been laid out. Schools will open on March 8 for P1 to P3 primary school children, while secondary schools will follow on March 22.

“What we’ve set out today is a pathway. It’s not perfect, nobody is pretending it is, but I think it gives the direction of travel in terms of where we hope to get to because people do need to have optimism,” Foster said.

The current lockdown remains until April 1 and to be reviewed on March 16. People are allowed to go outside only for essential purposes such as food and medical supplies.

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