Poll – 97% of young women sexually harassed, and only men can change that.

Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard

97% of women aged 18-24 have been sexually harassed in the UK, according to a new poll by YouGov. The statistic trended overnight on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following the tragic death of Sarah Everard, who went missing while walking home. In light of this, women are sharing the statistic to highlight ingrained sexism in the UK.

The prime suspect, named elsewhere as PC Wayne Couzens of the Metropolitan Police, was arrested on suspicion of kidnap and murder.


Posts on social media make the problem clear: telling women to be more careful does not work. Men need to be better allies and help fix the insidious issue in the UK. From everyday micro-aggressions to serious harassment and assault, guides are being posted on simple things that can help.

The hashtag “#ReclaimTheStreets” is being used on Twitter to promote vigils for Ms Everhard, following her death. Women are also coming forward to share stories of men harassing them to raise awareness.

Ms Everard went missing in the evening, earlier this week. The circumstances of her death have rocked the UK. Home Secretary Priti Patel is ‘”deeply saddened by the developments”,  stating that “every woman should feel safe to walk our streets without fear of harassment or violence”.

Despite the sentiments from the government, social media trends suggest that women are questioning their safety. The Metropolitan Police Force still employed Wayne Couzens, despite his previous conviction for indecent exposure.  Furthermore, this statistic implies that many of these cases go unpunished, as they are not proportional to conviction rates for sex crimes.


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