Sarah Everard UPDATE: Met officer arrested in connection to the missing case


Sarah Everard

Metropolitan Police has arrested a serving Metropolitan office as they further investigate the missing case of Sarah Everard.

The Mets said that the cop was arrested in Kent regarding Everard’s disappearance, and he remains in custody.

Nick Ephgrave, the Assistant Commissioner said that the arrest is “a serious and significant development” to the investigation.

Everard was reported missing on March 4, a day after she was last seen by a door-knocking camera when walking down the A205 Poynders Road towards Tulse Hill around 9.30 pm.

The Mets also understood to have received reports of more women being attacked in and around the area where Everard was last seen.

The Times reported that in January, a young woman was said to have been followed along Hydethorpe Road, about half a mile from where the CCTV caught Everard image.

In early February, a woman was witnessed being chased just more than a mile from where Everard disappeared.

Last month reportedly another incident involves a 14-year-old girl being followed by a man in a van lesser than half a mile away.


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