Sheffield manufacturer hopes to provide light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel

Vioa Covid Sanitiser

Sheffield based manufacturer, VIOA, and the company’s strategic design partners; AME Group, Gorton Associates and Fantastic Media, present a UK designed and manufactured mobile UVC steriliser that they believe will revolutionise how offices, care homes, schools, gyms and retail establishments, sanitise areas to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other harmful pathogens.  

As a direct reaction to the challenge set by the coronavirus, Sheffield manufacturer, VIOA, has collaborated with product design consultancy, AME Group, to develop a mobile UVC steriliser that they claim can kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. The VIOA is designed to quickly and efficiently disinfect commercial and healthcare premises by killing surface and airborne bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. It’s proven to sanitise a typical office space in less than 5 minutes.  

Traditional cleaning methods are proven to be less than 50% effective, while the VIOA utilises high energy UVC light with 360-degree disinfection coverage to a wide range of pathogens. The system speeds up the cleaning process and offers commercial and healthcare managers not only peace of mind against viruses like Covid-19, but also reduces the risk of fabrics or equipment being damaged by liquid-based products. 

Tim Stern, Design Manager at AME Group says: 

 “Both time and usability were key to this project. We wanted to ensure the VIOA mobile steriliser could enter the market quickly, but still needed to complete our due diligence to ensure the first mechanical prototype matched our client’s brief. This brief was for the product to be mobile, light and usable without any training processes being required.  

The AME Group’s design engineers outdid themselves with the speed and precision of this project, and we’re honoured to partner with VIOA. We share VIOA’s vision of enabling businesses and organizations of any size to benefit from this new cleaning solution. This product is set to make a difference in the battle against Covid-19 and against future viruses.” 

Mark White, Managing Director of VIOA says:  

 “Immediately after outlining a potential product to address the issues brought about by the coronavirus, we approached AME to ask if they would partner with us to make the idea a reality. Having recently worked with AME on an unrelated product we knew what their broad skill base could bring to the table.” 

 To find out more about the product design process, view the AME Group’s latest project update online: 

And to enquire about the VIOA, please visit the manufacturer’s website: 


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