SNP vows to hold second Scottish independence referendum amid Covid 19 crisis

The Scottish National Party plans to hold a second independence referendum even without Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s permission.

The party will lay out an 11-point roadmap to independence, including a wildcat referendum that would force the UK to take drastic measures to stop it having legal effect.

Their roadmap will be presented today to the SNP’s policy forum by Scottish Government Constitution Secretary, Mike Russell.

Earlier this year, Johnson told the Scottish nationalists that they would have to wait until 2055 to hold another independence referendum. He has stated his opposition to a second referendum a few times.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, however, has vowed to hold a fresh independence referendum if there is a pro-independence majority after May’s Election.

The Catalonia-style wildcat roadmap states that any attempt made by the UK to stop it will be “vigorously opposed.”

Last year, the Scottish government began working on legislation in order to hold a second independence referendum. It was suspended on March 16, 2020, as efforts focused on fighting the pandemic.

A poll commissioned by The Times found 52 percent of Scots are in favour of independence.

The study also revealed that 61 percent of respondents believe Nicola Sturgeon had done well handling the pandemic, while 62% say the opposite about Boris Johnson.

But Alan Trench, a scholar at the University College London, says Scotland can only hold the referendum if the UK gives consent.

“The second referendum would need a section 30 order, or be called under Westminster legislation.”

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