SOAS director SLAMMED for saying n-word


The director of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at University of London has come under fire after using the n-word during a virtual meeting.

Professor Adam Habib, who is of Indian descent, uttered the slur when students asked why lecturers are allowed to say the n-word in class without facing repercussions.

In a short video circulated on Twitter, Mr Habib said: “The issue around that is, I personally on the n****r, somebody making that allegation, then just bring it to me, I don’t know the case.”

Students have called for his resignation after the meeting even though Mr Habib has issued an apology.

He accused people of attempting to “politicise the issue” and justified his action by saying: “So why don’t I think it was problematic to use the word when I did. Well, because context matters and I was arguing for taking punitive action.”

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