Support for Scottish independence FALLS to 50 percent

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Nicola Sturgeon

Support for an independent Scotland has fallen to 50 percent for the first time since June last year, according to a new poll.

The poll conducted by The Sunday Mail found that among 1,000 individuals across Scotland, 44 percent said they would vote “no” if a referendum were held tomorrow, while 43 percent said they would vote “yes.”

The survey is a source of hope for union supporters to continue what they have been fighting for since the 2014 referendum.

“It’s welcome that support for remaining in the UK is on the rise. People are recognising that as we navigate out of the Covid-19 crisis with a successful UK-wide vaccination programme, we are stronger together,” said Pamela Nash, the chief executive of Scotland in Union.

In regards to the poll, SNP depute leader Keith Brown MSP said: “With the election fast approaching, polls are tightening. The SNP believes Scotland’s future should be decided by the people of Scotland – not Boris Johnson.”

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