Syria’s first lady Asma al-Assad faces possible terror charges


Asma al-Assad

The Metropolitan Police has launched an inquiry into the case against Asma Al-Assad, the wife of Syria‘s president, on charges of inciting and encouraging terrorist acts.

Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers submitted a filing to the Met’s counterterrorism division, accusing the Syrian government of a “systematic approach to the torture and murder of civilians” while using a “propaganda campaign to encourage and incite crimes” in its Syrian civil war since 10 years ago.

The London-based legal chambers also claimed that Al-Assad was “one of those influential persons who is alleged to have encouraged or incited acts of terrorism is the first lady of Syria”.

“However, as the subject is a British national it is important that she faces prosecution if the evidence supports the allegation and not merely stripped of her citizenship,” it added.

A statement from the Met Police reads: “We can confirm that the Met’s War Crimes Unit, part of the Counter-Terrorism Command, received a referral on 31 July 2020 relating to the ongoing Syrian conflict. The referral is in the process of being assessed by officers from the War Crimes Unit.”

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