Treasury’s new northern campus set to meet “levelling-up” agenda

Rishi Sunak

Announcing Darlington as the location for the new Treasury’s northern campus is seen by the Government as a big part of Tory’s “levelling up” agenda and boost for “red wall” seats.

Rishi Sunak‘s formal announcement on Wednesday is understood to underline Tory’s agenda as ministers have tried to find ways to cling to “red wall” seats in Northern England.

The seats were won by Tory in 2019 from Labour and currently are under pressure from the MPs who demand more public spending.

Darlington is close to several former red wall seats including Tony Blair’s former constituency of Sedgefield, Bishop Auckland, and North West Durham.

“We are absolutely committed to levelling up opportunities so those living in all corners of the UK get their fair share of our future prosperity,” Sunak has previously said.

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