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There is growing evidence that consumers are becoming pickier about who they spend their money with. I outlined my thoughts in an opinion piece last week about turning this into a force for positive change.

Tickir Ltd, the publisher of News In Network, was formed last year to modernise news publishing. We wanted to ensure that employees and readers were at the heart of everything we do.

Since launching Tickir, I have met several inspirational people who have reaffirmed our core values and strengthened our resolve. One such individual is Darrell Irwin, founder and CEO of Cre8ion, the Bristol and Cardiff based brand marketing agency.

Darrell walked away from the offer of shares and leadership role with a major UK agency when he realised he wanted to work with brands that enhanced rather than damaged peoples lives. Cre8ion specialise in identifying what it is that makes a company unique. They aid to help them tell their audience why to do business with them. They help to build brands that empower people to create a better planet.

Darrell Irwin

Darrell Irwin

Find out more on Clubhouse.

Darrell is a keen contributor and advocate of Clubhouse, the audio-only Social media app. Clubhouse launched in April last year and has been patronised by Elon Musk. It brings together individuals who share common interests or goals to discuss them in moderated chat rooms. The app has gained great popularity in recent months with entrepreneurs as it gives them access to mentors and investors that would otherwise be hard to reach.

Darrell is hosting his first chat on Clubhouse this Thursday at 4:00 pm. He will share his story and why he thinks acting with Purpose will make your business more attractive to potential customers, whilst helping you sleep at night.

At present, Clubhouse is invite-only, but all members get invites depending on their platform usage. If you are not currently on Clubhouse, then reach out to your friends and connections on Social Media and someone will be able to help.




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